Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sliced his testicles

The case of British national Binyam Mohamed, who was caught up in the post-911 US psychosis and then "rendered" to various torture-loving countries is coming to a head in the UK. US courts have blocked CIA reports that tell of his torture at the hands of the Americans. But there is a problem: reports were sent simultaneously to British officials, who recorded the reports in memos and then saved them. Mohamed is suing in British courts to have those records unsealed to reveal the government's complicity in his torture. Until now those courts have gone along with the Obama administration in the coverup of this torture.

Now, however, the British courts are on their way to revealing exactly what happened to Mohamed while in US custody, and it's not pretty. Forget about those arguments about waterboarding. Mohamed's genitals were sliced with a scalpel! What was it with the Bush administration perverts? They "stressed nudity" in treating captives, and one of their favorite forms of torture was forced enemas. Now we find out, not from our own media or our own government, that the creeps at the CIA were cutting prisoners' testicles! What are the chances you'll ever read about this in the Star Tribune?

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