Friday, March 28, 2008

Star Trib vs. some blog

As Iraq sinks ever deeper into civil war, the Star Trib this morning was leading its website with the story headlined "Bush says recent rash of violence in Iraq is 'Defining moment' for fragile government." Over at the blog Booman Tribune, the headline is "Iraq imploding before our very eyes." Which is more accurate? Not a tough question - the Strib treats the liar-in-chief like he's telling the truth, which he hardly ever does, especially about things he views as important. There could literally probably never come a moment when the Strib wouldn't treat the preznit with "respect" by treating his utterances as false. I don't claim that the destruction of the newspaper's credibility is a major factor in the financial losses it has suffered over the past few years, but it can't have helped.

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