Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Big Schmooze in the Hormuz

I've written three times now about how the fake incident in the Straits of Hormuz was really a cooked up provocation by George Bush to start a war with Iran. Today that bastion of liberal propaganda weighs in calling the incident The Big Schmooze in the Hormuz. In my posts I showed how the Minneapolis Star Tribune in particular fell for the whole thing, hook, line and sinker, and never corrected the record, helping pave the way for another Bush war based on lies.

The point of the report is how the traditional media got snookered by the Bushites into inflating a normal encounter into an international military incident, pushing us dangerously close to a confrontation with Iran. Mark Gisleson mocked me for expecting the Strib to correct itself - and who knows, he's probably right; still, it's pretty amazing that the paper has still not run a story that correctly characterizes what happened in the straits, given the gravity of the charges. Be prepared for when Bush cooks up another one of these incidents and the Strib uses the lies to stir up support in Minnesota for more carnage in the Middle East. Minnesota Nice? How about Minnesota Gullible.


Anonymous said...

Mock? Me?

I'm sure it was just an expression of mild disbelief that fell well short of any pollyannish accusations.

OK, I may have used the word "sucker," but in a nice way, I'm sure.

Rob Levine said...

Okay, "mocked me" might have been a little strong.

Anonymous said...

No, you're probably right, I was just doing the usual denial thing because I thought it would be expected from me.

I'm not exactly famous for my dispassionate analysis and courteous efforts to express my disagreement.

But it is cheap and easy to assume the worst of our corporate media. Even if it's a slam dunk that they won't correct the record because the errors in the report were what they were pushing, not actual news.