Monday, October 29, 2007

George Bush's military ventriloquism trick

Glen Greenwald got an email the other day purporting to be from Gen. Petraeus' spokesman Col. Steven A. Boylan that was nothing short of bizarre, that proved beyond a doubt the politicization of the US military. Commenters on Greenwald's post at questioned whether Boylan could be so stupid as to write such an email, so Greenwald sent another email to Boylan asking if he indeed had sent the email. Boylan responded cryptically without saying whether or not he actually sent the email, so Greenwald put out a call to Internet experts to determine whether Boylan sent the email or whether it was from an imposter. To make a long story shorter, one expert weighed in after examining the email's headers that that either Boylan sent the email or someone sent it from his computer.

Which gets to the point of MoveOn's ad questioning whether Petraeus should be called General Betray Us, namely, that the US military has become unacceptably politicized. All of the right wing's complaining that journalists shouldn't take off after US military personnel misses the point that these generals and colonels are no longer apolitical; that George W. Bush has off-loaded his political dirty work to the military. It was a neat trick by Bush to use military personnel as proxies to try and fend off criticism. It worked for a while. Will it still work? Stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...


With general incompetents like Boylan in the league
Can it be any wonder that there is so much intrigue?

The military of today excessive partisan
Is like the kind of force you would expect in Pakistan--
Defending not the rule of law and civil policy
As set by Congress, now it chooses with whom to agree:
It was impartial long ago but now those days are gone,
Wherefore upon democracy one finds the setting sun.

With general incompetents like Boylan in the league
No wonder that the apparatus suffers from fatigue.

Hot-headedly so he will falsify (or so it seems)
In his abusive emails, truthful content by the reams,
Defending of Petraeus stooping no matter how low--
You see now how pervasively infection seems to go:
It is a virus, culture nurtured by the Neocons
To boast self-worth superior while shitting for the nonce.

With general incompetents like Boylan in the league
Can it be any wonder that there is so much intrigue?

Petraeus, as ambitious, like begins to forward sprint,
While calling from the sidelines there has been no minor hint
That he should run for president: I see it coming soon,
For people grow enamored of that military tune,
And so his flunkies (Boylan´s name immediately comes to mind)
Shore up the man for all his lapses to which playing blind.

With general incompetents like Boylan in the league
Where is the wonder that the structure suffers from fatigue?

Democracy depended on an exercise of reason,
Till those who exercised it suffered calumnies of treason,
From which day, so it seems, instead of subtle analyzing,
Hot-headedness, pomposity and gain are the comprising
Factors as motivate--severely in partisanship--
All sorts of "civil servants" trying hard to get a grip.

Then is it any wonder? No the wonder is perhaps
Skullduggery no sooner caused the structure to collapse.